Helping babies get a good nights sleep

Our personalised sleep plans have assisted thousands of families in getting the sleep they deserve.


Baby Sleep Consultant

Whether you are navigating a leap, sleep regression or anything in between, our role as a certified baby sleep consultant is simply to help. We understand the challenges you're facing, and together we can customise a sleep plan and set the foundations for your child to become a champion sleeper.

Three package options to help support your little ones sleep wherever you are located.

We offer a range of in-home consultations to help everyone in the family get a good night's sleep.

Closed until November 2024

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Baby Sleep Training

A gentle, evidence-based approach

The Kelly Martin Sleep Consultant mission is to support you as an individual family with gentle sleep techniques to help your little one form positive sleeping patterns to allow you and your family more rest. We have a range of phone and in-home consultations to help everyone in the family get a good night's sleep.

Gentle Sleep Training

No one size fits all

The role we play is to support you as an individual family with evidence-based and gentle settling techniques to form positive sleeping patterns that allow you and your family quality sleep in the early years.


Our team of sleep consultants

We're a growing team of certified Child and Infant Sleep Consultants. As a group of mums, we’re equal parts passionate about parenthood & ensuring families receive the sleep they need.


We cannot recommend Kelly highly enough! We have worked with her twice, to improve both our children’s sleep. Kelly is that amazing that my husband refers to her as the Sleep Genie; she makes your wish (of better sleep) come true!

Jasmine Roy 

Receiving support from Steph from Kelly Martin Sleep Consultant has made our lives so much easier! Steph adapted to our lifestyle and would always tell us to only do what we were feeling comfortable with. We now all feel rested and we have a baby that is happier than ever!

Célia Fourrier

We recently completed the comprehensive support package with Amber, where she helped us address our 5 months olds frequent over night waking. She was fantastic at supporting us with teaching baby to self settle and the improvement in all of our sleep is enormous.

Kate Frayne


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