2 Year - 4 Year Sleep Guide


Consistency is everything when it comes to sleep, but especially for toddlers!

As human beings, sleep is an integral part of our existence. It is one of the key factors for the development of your little one and is far more than just resting or taking a short nap.

This guide will take you through all things toddler sleep from sleep regressions, moving to a bed, saying goodbye to the dummy, dropping naps & so much more.

  • Based on science and proven results, this guide will help you navigate the ever changing world of toddler sleep.
  • A well rested toddler, will be happier when awake, have a regulated appetite and be easier to achieve consolidated sleep.
  • Designed from 2 years through to 4 years with advice to suit your family lifestyle and individual child.
  • Toddler Bedtime Routine Chart also included, (valued at $9.95) to help include your toddler in the wind-down routine.

2 - 4 Year Sleep Guide

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