4 Months - 2 Years Sleep Guide


Sleep can often be tricky for little one's for a range of different reasons.  However, we promise you that there is a solution to improving your little one's sleep without compromising on your parenting style.  A sleep routine can be an important part of the overall sleep puzzle.

This guide will take you through all things sleep for the first 2 years, including catnapping, sleep regressions, sleep environment, swaddling & more.

  • Based on science and proven results, this guide will help you navigate those first few years of sleep.
  • A well rested baby/toddler, will be happier in awake times, have a regulated appetite and be easier to settle for naps and overnight to achieve consolidated sleep.
  • Designed from 4 Months to 2 years with advice to suit your family lifestyle and individual child.
  • Infant & Child Nap Routines also included, (valued at $19.95) to provide you with guidance for age appropriate awake times and total day sleep requirements.

4 Months - 2 Years Sleep Guide

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