At Kelly Martin Sleep Consultant we’re a team of certified Child and Infant Sleep Consultants. As a group of mums, we’re equal parts passionate about parenthood and ensuring families receive the sleep they need. 

We’re your baby sleep whisperers who’ve lived the depths of sleep deprivation and the overwhelming feelings a difficult sleep phase brings. On the flip side we appreciate the joy, love, satisfaction and rewards found in parenting.



Hi I’m Kelly

A certified Infant and Child Sleep Consultant and for more than 6 years I’ve helped over 3 thousand families achieve more sleep.

I’m also a Circle of Security facilitator, coaching parents of young children through a supportive, non-judgemental program to help them better understand their children’s emotions and the support they need.

I’m a mum of 3 girls aged 9, 6 and 4 years and my second daughter is the reason I became a sleep consultant. She struggled with catnapping and frequent night waking and it was tough. Throw in solo parenting at night whilst hubby works night shift and I understand what it’s like to juggle and have your hands full.  

I’m here to help free you from chronic and ongoing sleep deprivation and sleepless nights. I want to support you and your family as you develop healthy sleep foundations with education, understanding and compassion. I’m here to guide you through your baby’s sleep challenges and get you a good night’s rest.

Hi I'm Steph

I’m a certified baby Sleep Consultant and I’ve been consulting since April 2022. In this time I’ve helped hundreds of families work towards their sleep goals. 

I’m also a Primary School teacher trained in Reception to Year 7 with 8 years teaching experience.

I’m Mum to my beautiful 2 year old daughter Isla so I understand sleep is ever-changing. As parents, just when we feel we’re finally making progress something pops up like teething, sickness, travel, regressions, daylight savings, needing an increase in awake windows or working through dropping a nap. 

Whatever is thrown at you I’m here to help you get your little one’s sleep back on track.


Hi I'm Olivia

I'm a certified Infant and Child Sleep Consultant with a professional background as a Registered Nurse. I’ve worked in a variety of clinical settings, from busy regional hospitals to rural and remote nursing in far North Queensland.

Mum of 2, my firstborn is Albie, 2 years and my second is Cooper, who we welcomed in April 2023. I became a sleep consultant as I too was a parent with no idea about infant sleep. I was waking up to my baby multiple times a night but saw our nights improve significantly once we made some adjustments.

Each baby is unique with different needs, and I understand what worked for the first child doesn’t always work for following children. I’m here to help you and your family no matter where you are in your lives. Let’s simplify sleep in your home and remove the overwhelm of infant sleep.

Hi I'm Amber

I’m a certified Child and Infant Sleep Consultant dedicated to working with families of varying sleep and settling concerns.

Before the birth of my first son, I worked as a Construction Engineer and Consultant. This equipped me with problem-solving skills to reach the best solution for each unique issue I’m faced with.

I’m Mum to 2 little boys, my eldest 2.5 years and my youngest almost 1. My firstborn is the reason I was exposed to the invaluable world of child and infant sleep.

After five months of frequent catnapping and constant unsettledness, I realised my situation wasn’t working for my family and sought help. We implemented more sustainable sleep foundations, and at this point, my boy’s demeanour shifted to a happier, more settled baby, and he began to thrive in his development.

I love to share knowledge and guidance for families facing sleep and settling challenges so you can create the best memories possible with your little ones.


Our Core Values



Knowledge is the secret to encouraging your little one to sleep with evidence-based methods and techniques that have been tried and tested.



Nurture is key when working with your child to ensure they have healthy sleep habits that aren’t fear based or provoke feelings of abandonment.



Consistency is really important when helping your little one to form better sleep habits. The more consistent you can be with your routines, the better.



Love is the magical bond between parent and child. A warm hug that makes everything okay in your childs world.

How we can help

Three package options to help support your little ones sleep wherever you are located.

We offer a range of in-home consultations to help everyone in the family get a good night's sleep.

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