Baby Sleep Foundations

Learn the skills, strategies & tools you need to have a happy, well-rested baby


A self-paced course that teaches you how to create and maintain baby sleep foundations 

PLUS practical tips, support and coaching to help you implement these changes for long-term success. This is designed for you to start helping your little one thrive with practice, persistence and consistency, all without feeling overwhelmed and burnt out in achieving these goals.


Are you tired of...

  • Multiple night wakings

  • Long settles and re-settle

  • Bed time always turning into a battle

  • Being exhausted and confused

  • A baby that only ever cat naps 

  • Getting so many conflicting opinions 

We get it, we have been there too!


As mothers and infant and child sleep consultants, we know first-hand what it’s like to be a parent and have sleep challenges with little ones.

The nights on your phone googling "how do I get my baby to sleep"

You have probably listened to all your other mum friends talk about how their baby sleeps, or tried to follow their advice about what to do or not to do, but none of it seems to work.

You have tried changing how you feed, when you feed, using sleep sounds, dummies, comforters or just driving endlessly around the block.... and now you start to wonder if there's something wrong with you or your baby... and you are just so tired.....

But it doesn't have to be this way...

Imagine the Relief

When you both get a good nights sleep!

  • Learn the science behind a solid sleep foundation

  • Understand and implement a positive sleep routine

  • Tackle common issues like catnapping & early rising

  • Learn how different ages and stages can impact sleep and what you can do to support this

  • Understand and implement a settling technique that doesn't compromise your parenting style

  • Feel confident in understanding your baby's sleep needs both and into the future

Are you ready to get a good nights sleep?

Here's what you get!


Science Of Sleep

Circadian rhythm development, influence of hormones, sleep regressions.


Sleep Environment

Safe sleep guidelines, optimal sleep environment, darkness, white noise, comforters, swaddling, sleeping bags and wind down ritual.


Sleep Associations

Sleep association impacts, feeding, rocking, holding and the role of the dummy.


Naps & Routines

Nap importance, biological sleep windows, age appropriate guidelines, nap transitions, cat napping, sleep routines


Night Sleep

Night sleep cycles, realistic expectations, dream feeds and dropping feeds.


Early Rising

What is early rising, common contributors, how to correct it..


Settling Strategies

Choosing the right settling technique, your child's temperament, your emotions and mindset, settling technique.



This covers starting solids, signs of readiness, first foods and milk feeds (both breastfeeding and bottle feeds).


Extra Information

This covers everything from teething, Illness, immunisation, and wonder weeks

What people are saying...


We cannot recommend Kelly highly enough! We have worked with her twice, to improve both our children’s sleep. Kelly is that amazing that my husband refers to her as the Sleep Genie; she makes your wish (of better sleep) come true!

Kelly is truly life-saver!!! We can’t thanks enough for all of her knowledgeable support, guiding, company along the sleep training process for my 5 months old baby. We have never had a 6-7 hours long night sleep since she was born, until we met Kelly.

Kelly is a magical sleep angel. From night one, our son started sleeping almost overnight and day naps followed shortly.
Kelly’s holistic approach that is tailored to each individual is incredible

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