I’m so glad we booked in Kelly for a consultation, and like other’s have written I wish we did it sooner. I had hesitation because I wasn’t sure if a consultant would listen and work WITH us and allow a personal approach, but Kelly was easy to talk to and there to support us afterwards. The follow up phone calls allowed discussion about what was or wasn’t working and make adjustments accordingly. The first technique we tried wasn’t right for our 9 month old or us, so we were able to try another approach the next night. We suffered the 4 month sleep regression for 3 months before I found a coffee and chat group by Kelly where I got good tips and improved her sleep for a few weeks. Then our daughter hit the 8 month sleep regression so I decided to book Kelly for a visit, and she went from screaming loudly at nap times, waking frequently and skipping naps, to consistently sleeping through the night without needing us at all / just one quick feed sometimes, within 2 weeks, and we are so happy with that. I thought she was never going to sleep through at this point, and I was so drained it was hard to be happy and cope each day. Thank you Kelly.