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Toddler Nutrition - Black

Toddler nutrition and how it affects their sleep plus foods that produce sleep hormones.

Dropping a night feed - Black

Dropping your baby’s night feeds. The simple signs you can look out for to reduce night feeds plus age-appropriate sleep expectations.

witching hour - black

What is the witching hour? What to expect plus ten tips for helping ease witching hour with your baby.


Unswaddling your baby. When, why and how to approach the transition from swaddling to sleeping bag

Comforter- black

Baby comforter recommendations from a baby sleep consultant plus the benefits of using a comforter.

Separation anxiety - black

How to ease separation anxiety and the impact it can have on your little one’s sleep.

website sleeping bag

How to dress your baby for sleep. The parenting dilemma we all experience at baby’s bedtime.

Blog Template-2

What to do about sleep when holidaying overseas with your baby. Sleep tips for parents to transition time zones.

2-1 nap transition bog

The two to one nap transition for toddlers. When is it the right time plus tips for a smooth transition from a baby sleep consultant.

A mother placing her baby in the cot for a bridging nap

Bridging Nap | Day time nap tips from a Baby Sleep Consultant

A mum watching her baby have a false start bedtime

What are false starts at bedtime? 5 common contributors to baby waking within an hour of going to sleep at night.


Twin baby sleep solutions. Five tried and tested tips from a twin mum. Helping set you up for twin baby sleep success.

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