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Baby comforter recommendations from a baby sleep consultant plus the benefits of using a comforter.

Not just another toy, a baby comforter is what a baby sleep consultant recognises as a positive sleep association. We want to discuss our most popular tips and tricks to safely introduce a comforter to your baby when it comes to sleep. Jump to: Baby comforters fall under the category of a positive sleep association because a […]

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How to dress your baby for sleep. The parenting dilemma we all experience at baby’s bedtime.

Dressing your baby for safe sleep is important and we’re taking the time to share safe swaddle and sleeping bag options so that you can feel confident about what your baby can safely wear whilst sleeping. Jump to: In today’s parenting world we’re lucky to have access to more research and information about babies than […]

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Tips to help your baby sleep when daylight savings ends

The biannual calendar event of daylight savings affects families across several Australian states; when those without children celebrate the extra hours sleep, but for those of us with little ones, we question the conspiracy of the world to mess with our sleep routines! Jump to: In this blog we’ll look at how to help your […]

Sleep disordered breathing

Sleep Disordered Breathing. What it is, why it impacts sleep and when to seek extra advice from your trusted health professional.

What is Obstructive Sleep Apnea or OSA in babies? Do you know the signs and symptoms to check your baby’s breathing properly whilst asleep? Jump to: If your little one is constantly on the roundabout of sleep coaching, you’ve read every book, tried different sleep programs and perhaps even previously engaged a sleep consultant, you […]

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How to set up a safe sleep nursery. The products you need and the ones you can do without.

Do you know how to identify safe sleep in your little one’s nursery? Would you know how to distinguish the products you really need versus the ones you can do without? Jump to: Excitement and overwhelm can fill our bodies from the moment we find out we’re pregnant. From friends to family, Instagram to Influencers, […]


Helping your baby sleep when winter sicknesses and cold and flu show up. Three ways to keep their healthy sleep habits.

How do you help your baby sleep when they’re unwell with the dreaded winter illnesses like cold and flu? It can be a tough time for bub and mum especially when sleep habits are disrupted whilst your baby is unwell. Jump to: Let’s be honest. Winter sucks! Whether it’s your baby’s first cold or their […]

Childcare sleep tips

How to handle sleep routines when your baby or toddler attends childcare.

Lots of children begin attending childcare in their first few years of life and this means someone other than you or family members will be putting your little one down for daytime sleeps. Jump to: The thought of someone else in charge of naptime can feel uncomfortable, so how do you set you and your little one […]


Is your baby waking up early? Here’s what to do about it.

Fun fact: Our drive to sleep is at its lowest in the early hours of the morning! This applies throughout our lives – from infancy right through to old age. If your starting to find your little one is stirring more frequently and wanting to begin their day earlier than you would like, this could very well be why.

Waking up early can be the last (and most difficult) aspect of your little one’s sleep to resolve, with many parents agreeing that after the pesky catnapping stage B5L1:(read more here on how to handle catnapping), early morning waking is the second top pain point they experience.

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The 4 most common reasons why your baby isn’t sleeping

Are you struggling to get your little one to sleep?  Have no idea why, some days it comes so simply and other days you feel like you need to do handstands underwater to achieve this for your little one?  I have been there too and it can feel like such a fine balancing act trying to get your little one to sleep, never mind stay asleep for a period of time.

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