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Colic or Reflux

Guest Blog from Ashlee Yates, Nurture Children’s Health

Is it reflux, colic or could there be something else behind the crying? Jump to: Infant colic is regular, excessive crying in an otherwise healthy baby. Colic is actually a process of elimination diagnosis, which means there’s no physiological cause to explain the excessive crying or discomfort and bub is otherwise healthy. A diagnosis of […]

Guest Blog post from Anna Ritan from Nourish Little Lives

Guest Blog Anna from Nourish Little Lives – Iron for Starting Solids

Iron is an essential dietary nutrient and is especially important in infants for brain development and a healthy immune and circulatory system. Jump to: Full term infants are born with a reserve supply of iron from placental transfer during pregnancy, they also receive iron from breast milk or formula to meet any additional iron needs. […]

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Guest Blog from Kathryn Warr – Ivoryrose Physiotherapy. You’ve had a baby – What you need to know about your pelvic floor.

Kat from Ivory Rose opened her Physiotherapy practice to provide the highest quality care in physiotherapy for women. To spark the unleashed conversations and get women feeling confident through the good, the bad, and (not so) lovely bits of womanhood. So what do we need to know about your pelvic floor after having a baby? […]

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Guest Blog from Hannah Willsmore – How to get a good attachment when breastfeeding

Breastfeeding isn’t always an easy journey. In fact, more often than not, it takes a lot of practice and patience as both Mum and baby get to know each other in the newborn days. Getting a good attachment is one of the key factors in successful long-term breastfeeding. Jump to: Hannah Willsmore is a registered/endorsed Midwife, […]

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Guest Blog from Carla, Snoozeshade – Introducing Snooze Shade

There is no denying I am a huge fan of the Snooze Shade for our Port-a-cot when traveling. I am often asked questions about what we use while traveling, especially in the caravan and so I’m very excited to have Cara, the inventor of Snooze Shade join us to explain the different types of Snooze […]

choking v gagging

Guest blog from Tiny Hearts – Choking or Gagging?

The wonderful Nikki from Tiny Hearts Education has joined us on our blog to share all about Choking or Gagging and most importantly what to do if your child is choking. Jump to: Have you ever watched your child shove a whole bunch of food in their mouth, only to spit it out five seconds […]

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