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What to do about sleep when holidaying overseas with your baby. Sleep tips for parents to transition time zones.

After a two year hiatus, family overseas holidays are back but what do you do about sleep when holidaying overseas with your baby or toddler? In this blog we share baby sleep consultant tips for parents transitioning to a different time zone. Jump to: With the world opening up, families are looking to head overseas […]


Baby sleep tips for summer! And how to manage your baby’s sleep routine through the warmer months.

Longer summer days are here, which inevitably means more hours of daylight. The good news is your summer plans don’t have to throw your little one’s sleep routine out the window. Jump to: This blog covers off five helpful tips that will see you confidently manage your child’s sleep throughout summer. With the festive season and sun-soaked days […]

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How to have fun on holiday whilst still planning for your baby or toddler’s sleep.

Pack the bags, pack the car, it’s time to head off on a family holiday. Before you begin your travels, here’s ten sleep tips to help ensure your baby or toddler receives the sleep they need whilst travelling, plus we look at how to smoothly return to your normal sleep routine once home again. Jump […]


Top 10 sleep tips for camping with babies and children. From one parent to another.

We want our family holidays to be memorable and exciting but amongst all the fun, we want our babies and toddlers to still get the sleep they need. Jump to: Camping trips and the allure of the great outdoors can be just what the doctor ordered. And high on every parent’s list of holiday priorities […]


What to do about sleep when your baby’s on the move.

How to keep baby safe and maintain healthy sleep foundations when baby reaches new development milestones. Jump to: So your baby’s on the move and you are eager to keep their sleep as routine as regular as possible. Their newfound skills may include rolling, sitting, crawling and pulling to stand. All of these achievements are […]


Baby sleep and the festive season. Five tips to handle the most wonderful time of the year with little ones.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for so many reasons, most of which involve family, going out and socialising. No-one wants to remember the festive season as a woeful time so consider this blog your ‘how to’ guide for little one’s sleep during the festive season. Jump to: You’ll learn 5 easy sleep […]

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