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Dropping your baby’s night feeds. The simple signs you can look out for to reduce night feeds plus age-appropriate sleep expectations.

What are the guidelines for feeding your baby overnight? If you have a frequent overnight feeder, you might be surprised to know there are some common signs to look for to know if it’s time to reduce feeds. Jump to: Like many parenting choices, night weaning is a very personal decision which should be made […]


Unswaddling your baby. When, why and how to approach the transition from swaddling to sleeping bag

Would you know if it was time to transition your baby from swaddle to arms free? Knowing when to unswaddle and why it’s necessary for your baby to no longer sleep swaddled is important. Jump to: Unswaddling may be met with a bit of apprehension, especially if your baby is used to being swaddled and […]

A mother placing her baby in the cot for a bridging nap

Bridging Nap | Day time nap tips from a Baby Sleep Consultant

In this blog we take a look at the different ways your baby or toddler can achieve regular day time sleep seven days a week. You’ll feel informed about how different naps work so you can pick and choose what will work best for each day’s differing schedule. Jump to: Parenting means spending lots of […]

A mum watching her baby have a false start bedtime

What are false starts at bedtime? 5 common contributors to baby waking within an hour of going to sleep at night.

The term ‘false starts at bedtime’ may be new to you however you may have encountered them or experience them regularly with your baby. This blog details the 5 common contributors to baby waking within an hour of going to sleep at night and what you can do about it. Jump to: What is a […]


Twin baby sleep solutions. Five tried and tested tips from a twin mum. Helping set you up for twin baby sleep success.

Parents of twins need all the sleep they can get. As you navigate your busy life with multiples, these 5 tips will help you not just survive but thrive as well as making twin baby sleep feel possible. Jump to: There’s nothing quite like receiving the news you’re expecting twins (or multiples). For me it […]

self-settling vs self-soothing

Baby sleep cycles: What’s the difference between self-settling and self-soothing

Do you know the key differences between a baby self settling and self soothing? Let’s explore why understanding the difference is important and how it ties into healthy sleep foundations. Jump to: Self-settling vs self-soothing. What is the difference? Have you heard these terms being used interchangeably and not sure which one is which? Hint […]

sleep associations

How sleep associations can impact your baby’s sleep routine

Are sleep associations bad for your baby? Maybe you’ve been wondering are sleep associations wrong altogether? Let’s take a closer look at the role sleep associations play in your baby’s sleep, both short term and long term. Jump to: I want to start this blog by saying no sleep association is “bad” or “wrong”, let’s […]

A mother putting her baby to sleep during a sleep regression stage

Sleep Regression Stages: Everything you need to know to survive!

In the first two years of your little one’s life, you can expect them to go through five different sleep regressions. They’ll all need a slightly different touch. They’ll all ask for you to practice consistency, patience, and persistence (and believe me – at times, it feels like you’re getting a LOT of practice!), and […]

Nap routine

Short long nap routine | tips & guidance

You’re in the right place with this blog as I provide my best sleep consultant advice around the topic of daytime naps.

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Catnapping King or Queen

One of the most common questions I am asked as a sleep consultant is “Why is my baby cat napping” I want to start by saying cat napping is both very common and in fact biologically and developmentally normal until around 4-5 months of age!  Although this doesn’t make it any easier at the time […]

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