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What is the witching hour? What to expect plus ten tips for helping ease witching hour with your baby.

What is witching hour and how long does it last in babies? These are questions most parents want answers to so we’re sharing ten tips to manage witching hour with your baby. Jump to: Witching hour is a normal part of navigating the fourth trimester but what is the witching hour? The witching hour (or sometimes […]

Separation anxiety - black

How to ease separation anxiety and the impact it can have on your little one’s sleep.

As parents we want to ease separation anxiety for our little one as much as possible and when separation anxiety does show up there are ways we can help navigate and ease the distress by leading with calm and confidence. This blog covers off tips on how to handle separation anxiety as well as steps […]


Twin baby sleep solutions. Five tried and tested tips from a twin mum. Helping set you up for twin baby sleep success.

Parents of twins need all the sleep they can get. As you navigate your busy life with multiples, these 5 tips will help you not just survive but thrive as well as making twin baby sleep feel possible. Jump to: There’s nothing quite like receiving the news you’re expecting twins (or multiples). For me it […]

self-settling vs self-soothing

Baby sleep cycles: What’s the difference between self-settling and self-soothing

Do you know the key differences between a baby self settling and self soothing? Let’s explore why understanding the difference is important and how it ties into healthy sleep foundations. Jump to: Self-settling vs self-soothing. What is the difference? Have you heard these terms being used interchangeably and not sure which one is which? Hint […]

newborn sleep

Top 5 tired signs for newborns and debunking newborn sleep myths.

Newborn sleep is a hot topic amongst new mums and mums to be but what is actually realistic when it comes to newborn sleep? In this blog we’ll cover off how to know if your newborn is tired and the top five tired signs you can look for so that you can feel empowered and […]


Will a dream feed help your baby sleep through the night? The what, when and how of dream feeds.

You may have heard whispers about dream feeds helping a baby sleep through the night. It sounds like a magical sleep solution but this sleep approach isn’t a one size fits all. Jump to: In this blog we cover off how to dream feed, what a successful dream feed looks like and explain why they […]


5 Quick and Easy ways to calm your newborn

Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful newborn baby! Enjoy this time and that glorious newborn smell. Seriously, there’s nothing better than holding your nose to your newborn baby’s head and breathing in deep – it’s heavenly! Jump to: Now that you’ve got your baby home and are ready to begin the next chapter of […]

Post 3 - CHECK!!

5 Ways for your Partner to Bond with your Baby

During pregnancy, a woman goes through significant physical and emotional change in preparing for her baby’s arrival. Mum’s carry their baby’s for 40 or so weeks, and with this pregnancy experience, it often feels easier to form a bond once bub is born. For our partners, however, this bond can take some time – and […]

Thriving in the Fourth Trimester

Thriving in the Fourth Trimester

We all know about the three trimesters in pregnancy, but what’s not commonly spoken about is the three months that follow after your baby’s arrival. This period is known as the ‘fourth trimester’ and while this time is exciting and joyous with so many incredible milestones, it is also likely to be challenging as you […]

A mother putting her baby to sleep during a sleep regression stage

Sleep Regression Stages: Everything you need to know to survive!

In the first two years of your little one’s life, you can expect them to go through five different sleep regressions. They’ll all need a slightly different touch. They’ll all ask for you to practice consistency, patience, and persistence (and believe me – at times, it feels like you’re getting a LOT of practice!), and […]

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