Sleep Regression

Separation anxiety - black

How to ease separation anxiety and the impact it can have on your little one’s sleep.

As parents we want to ease separation anxiety for our little one as much as possible and when separation anxiety does show up there are ways we can help navigate and ease the distress by leading with calm and confidence. This blog covers off tips on how to handle separation anxiety as well as steps […]

A mother putting her baby to sleep during a sleep regression stage

Sleep Regression Stages: Everything you need to know to survive!

In the first two years of your little one’s life, you can expect them to go through five different sleep regressions. They’ll all need a slightly different touch. They’ll all ask for you to practice consistency, patience, and persistence (and believe me – at times, it feels like you’re getting a LOT of practice!), and […]

A young baby who is going through the 4 month sleep regression.

Inside the 4 month sleep regression. Your baby’s developmental change and what you can do to promote healthy sleep habits.

Have you heard about it? The four month sleep regression? Do you want to know what it’s really like as well as better understand what your baby is experiencing during this time? Jump to: Despite the rumours you may have heard about the four month sleep regression, there are ways to embrace it and ease […]

A 1 year baby working through the 12 month sleep regression

3 top tips to surviving the 12-month sleep regression

Are you pulling your hair out because your almost 1-year old has gone from being a great sleeper to refusing to go down for their nap? Or is your little one now waking up during the night when you thought all of that was behind you? Don’t worry – it’s a completely normal stage of […]

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