Toddler Nutrition - Black

Toddler nutrition and how it affects their sleep plus foods that produce sleep hormones.

Have you ever considered your toddler’s nutrition and the role it can play in affecting their sleep? Let’s take a look at how nutrition can positively impact a toddler’s sleep routine as well as examine ‘sleepy foods’ high in nutrients. Jump to: For most toddlers, food makes their world go round. Whenever there’s food around […]

Separation anxiety - black

How to ease separation anxiety and the impact it can have on your little one’s sleep.

As parents we want to ease separation anxiety for our little one as much as possible and when separation anxiety does show up there are ways we can help navigate and ease the distress by leading with calm and confidence. This blog covers off tips on how to handle separation anxiety as well as steps […]

2-1 nap transition bog

The two to one nap transition for toddlers. When is it the right time plus tips for a smooth transition from a baby sleep consultant.

Would you recognise the tell-tale signs that it’s time to transition your toddler from two to one nap? Let’s take a look at the common signs plus how to minimise disrupting healthy sleep foundations whilst transitioning from two to one nap. Jump to: We can often feel clueless when it comes to knowing the right […]

Final Nap

Toddler sleep training. How to know when to drop that final nap!

You might’ve thought the day would never come, but your little one’s daytime napping will one day sadly come to an end. Dropping the final nap is both a joyous and sad time for parents. It opens up a world of no longer having to work around nap schedules – hallelujah! But it also means […]

A mother putting her baby to sleep during a sleep regression stage

Sleep Regression Stages: Everything you need to know to survive!

In the first two years of your little one’s life, you can expect them to go through five different sleep regressions. They’ll all need a slightly different touch. They’ll all ask for you to practice consistency, patience, and persistence (and believe me – at times, it feels like you’re getting a LOT of practice!), and […]


Adding a new sibling to the family. How to encourage, include and reassure your little one during the transition.

Is your little one about to be promoted to big sister or big brother? Although change always has some hurdles, throughout your pregnancy and after the birth of your new addition you can maintain your connection by including your child and coaching them with what to expect during this time. Jump to: No doubt It’s […]

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Toddler sleep tips. Creating a positive bedtime experience for you and your toddler.

Toddler bedtime battles don’t have to become the new routine or ‘normal’ in your house. What if you could combat your toddler’s resistance to settling with some simple sleep tips that will put you on the path to end the bedtime battles and see you successfully create a positive bedtime experience for both you and […]

big bed

Is your toddler ready for a big bed? Signs of readiness in preparing for a smooth transition from cot to bed.

The first few years of your little one’s life are filled with milestones and preparing for the next stage of independence. One of these milestones is the big bed transition. Jump to: It’s exciting to see what was once your little baby take their next step into becoming a big kid but it might leave […]

Nap transitions

How and when to reduce nap times for your baby. What you need to know about successfully dropping day time sleep.

Naptimes rock our little one’s world (and our world too) but how do you know when to say goodbye to a nap? How and when do you transition your baby to less day sleep? Jump to: This blog is your guide to reducing daytime sleep from babyhood right through to preschoolers. We can often feel […]

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