Circle of Security

Supportive, non-judgemental group coaching for parents of young children. 


A trusted practise benefiting parent and child

As parents we experience moments where our child expresses big emotions. These emotions range from fear, anger, shock, sadness and even happiness. They’re all normal emotions but when children experience overwhelming emotions, they often express them through behaviour.


These uncontrollable outbursts could look like

  • Crying 

  • Hitting or physically hurting others

  • Screaming

  • Sulking 

  • Refusing to engage in eye contact or conversation 

  • Throwing toys or destroying something in close proximity 

  • Ignoring all communication all together 

Often we start to second guess our parenting

Sometimes we feel unsure about our parenting skills and question whether we respond in the right way. We second guess whether we’re offering our children what they really need. 

We also live in a world with endless parenting solutions and constant parenting advice but what if there was a way to confidently navigate your child’s behaviour and big emotions?


Circle of security is here to help!


Circle of Security is a group coaching program developed to provide parents with tools to understand a child’s emotional world. 

Research-based and run over 8 weeks, the program teaches parents how to recognise and identify the needs children express through their behaviour.

You'll Learn

  • The fundamentals of secure attachment – what it is.

  • The Circle of Security concept- based on decades of attachment research

  • How to create a circle of security with your child

  • Relationship tools to help you protect, comfort and understand your child

  • Why a child needs you to be their safe haven and the organiser of their emotions yet also supportive of their independent exploration 

  • How to read a child’s reactions and behaviours

  • How to honour your innate wisdom and desire for your child to be secure


Who is Circle of Security for?


Parents of young children from birth up to 5 years 


Parents wanting to strengthen and build a secure parent-child attachment 


Parents looking to better understand their children’s behaviour 

The Circle of Security course is delivered in a live session format over Zoom. The course must be attended in real-time as sessions can’t be recorded. 

Time Commitment: 1-1.5 hours over 8 weeks (day & time to be advised)



$50 per week ($400 in total)

Join a supportive program for parents as you learn how to navigate and respond to your child in a way that demonstrates your commitment to keeping them safe and helping them feel connected.

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