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My role is to empower parents with the knowledge and support to help their little one to develop healthy and holistic sleep habits.

To support you as an individual family with gentle and holistic sleep techniques to help your little one form positive sleeping patterns and to allow you and your family more rest. I’ve worked with over a thousand families to help them overcome sleep challenges via phone consultations and in-home consultations that are customised to your family and lifestyle.

Phone Consultations

This is perfect for parents who are looking for a phone consultation to assess their little one’s current routine and determine the best way forward to establish healthy sleeping habits.

I have a range of packages that can include:

  • 30 -75 minute phone consultations
  • Sleep logs and Sleep app reviews
  • Personalised written sleep assessment
  • Comprehensive supporting documentation
  • Ongoing support via text, email and phone

To find a package that best suits you, view our phone packages or book a free discovery call with me now.

Are you looking for an expert to come to your home and give you hands-on support in your home? These packages are perfect for the family wanting additional support either during the day, or at bedtime.  All packages include a personalised written sleep assessment which is prepared specifically for your child.

I have a range of packages that can include:

  • In-home consultation (day and night available)
  • Personalised written sleep assessment
  • Comprehensive supporting documentation
  • Ongoing Daily support including phone, email and text
  • *Home must be within 20km radius of Adelaide CBD*

Are you looking for in-home support during bedtime and throughout the daunting night time hours? This package is perfect for families wanting full support with 6-12 hour consultations assessing your little one’s sleeping pattern and assisting with practical on-hands advice throughout the night. Includes a full written sleep assessment and ongoing support to ensure you are on track.

These night time packages can include:

  • In-home consultation (night-time)
  • Personalised written sleep assessment
  • Comprehensive supporting documentation sleep 
  • Ongoing daily support via email, text and phone
*Home must be within 20km radius of Adelaide CBD*

How Does It Work?

Would you like a quick chat to see how I may be able to help? Simply register your FREE 15-Minute Discovery Call online so we can have a quick virtual cuppa and chat about whether we are a good fit.

2. Book Your Package With Me

Once you’re sure on which package is is right for you and your family, simply make your reservation via the buttons above and I will be in contact to schedule a time that works best for you and your family!

3. We Get Started On Your Custom Program

Bookings are received instantly and a questionnaire will be forwarded to learn more about your sleep challenges. From there, I can prepare the best possible solution for you and your lifestyle.

Read more kind words from clients

  • Best thing we ever did! Kelly was a lifesaver, I cannot believe how quickly our lives changed. I still pinch myself everyday when I wake up from a full nights sleep! Our 11 month old went from unsettled at night with midnight wake periods and 5am mornings to sleeping from 7pm-7am within DAYS. I don’t know how we survived prior to Kelly coming into our lives – absolute lifesaver!!!

    – Melissa
  • Kelly was amazing! I am extremely grateful for her time and knowledge and that I was referred to her in the first place. All my mum friend’s would say “I can’t have it all” our 7 month old had slept through since 4 weeks, but was not a consistent day sleeper. I would be lucky to get and hour in total per day. With the right advice and experience from professionals you can have it all. After 2 days we now have a baby that sleeps a SOLID 2.5hrs in the afternoon and has a regular morning sleep, which did not disrupt her sleep through streak. Best money ever spent, with the right advice and experience from trained professionals you can have it all 🙌

    – Alicia
  • We recently did the phone consult package with Kelly for our 11 month old daughter. We had some strong sleep associations with being fed and rocked to sleep, with overnight wakings constantly. In our phone consult Kelly took the time to find out all about our daughter to then tailor a routine and settling pattern that best suited her and our family’s needs. The follow up phone support was wonderful to check in with any questions we had along the way. After only a couple of weeks we now have a consistent pattern of naps and a baby that sleeps through every night, something I could only just imagine a few weeks ago! Thank you so much Kelly!

    – Jessica
  • We didn’t hesitate to seek help from Kelly when our 2.5 year old was waking 4 or more times a night. We had help from Kelly when he was 8 months old which was very successful. For some reason we had fallen into a habit of giving Archie a cuddle when he woke and called out Mummy during the night. Kelly is so easy to talk to and there is no judgement from her about what we had been doing, just a plan on how to move forward. We implemented Kelly’s plan and within 3 nights we saw a huge improvement and within a week, Archie was sleeping through the night again. Her encouragement and support was fantastic. Having so much more sleep made me feel so much better too. If we ever need support again I will definitely be giving Kelly a call!

    – Katrina
  • I contacted Kelly when my twin sons were just over a year and I had already tried a number of things to improve their sleep with variable results. Unfortunately, as I was still breastfeeding, they were too reliant on overnight feeds to settle, which was part of the problem. Kelly was really positive about the work I had already put in and the positive sleep associations I had already established, which helped me to feel that I had at least done some things right. She gave me some suggestions for further adjustments to how we were doing things and the encouragement and support I needed to put them into place. I feel so much more confident after just 1 week and know that, even if every night isn’t perfect, the boys and I have the tools we need to succeed. And Kelly is only a phone call away if I need her! Thank you Kelly! The world is so much better when we’ve all slept a little more!

    – Alice
  • My daughter was 10 months old when I made contact with Kelly Martin. After months of frequent night wakings and short day time naps I was feeling a little desperate but had reservations because I didn’t want to try cry it out methods. Kelly was so understanding and gave reassurance that there was more than just crying it out methods. She gave me a real understanding of babies and how, when and why they should sleep. Initially just by adjusting her day sleeps and caping her naps we noticed an immediate improvement in her night time sleep…..I was shocked at how quickly things improved. I just wish I had contacted Kelly sooner!

    – Jade
  • I had the absolute pleasure of working with Kelly a few weeks ago. I can not thank her enough for her help and advice. My little girl wouldn’t go to sleep without me rocking her and her lunch time nap was never longer than 20 minutes. With Kelly’s help I now am able to put her in her cot and she self settles to sleep. Her afternoon sleep is now no shorter than 1.5 hours and sometimes up to 2.5. I would highly recommended her.

    – Alycia
  • I recently had the pleasure of Kelly Martin’s services to help me get my then 10 and a half month old daughter sleeping. I went from feeding her to sleep every hour, co-sleeping, camping out in her room, not knowing when she will wake during the day to now her sleeping through 12 hours a night – and most of the time nailing her naps all the space of a few weeks. Kelly is a true professional in every sense, I started wanting to take the instant result path but couldn’t do it Kelly was there with her understanding nature and guided me through a gentle 2 week program. It ended with doing another week of the initial program of allowing my daughter to learn to self settle. I couldn’t have done it without the professional support from Kelly. She was so caring in her approach and no question asked was made to feel silly. She really is the perfect person for this kind of work, she really makes you feel that you can do this and having that support really makes a difference. Her knowledge in this area is very sound and her commitment to her clients needs is amazing. I can’t speak highly enough of Kelly. Seriously if you are thinking about doing this … do it, you won’t regret it. Kelly you are simply the best – Thankyou ever so much

    – Rachel
  • I made the decision to contact Kelly after weeks of my 22 month old son waking multiple times a night and only bring able to get him back to sleep with a bottle. I was OVER IT! exhaust and anxious. My son had never really slept the whole night, we keep a good routine too, so I was losing my mind as to why he’s waking. After reviewing our info Kelly recommended the phone consult which was $149…worth every cent! She then came up with his assessment and a plan of action. Just the small things made a MASSIVE difference and after just one night my boy was improving! Couldn’t believe it! We are now 12 days in and he hasn’t had a bottle since, settles well and we have only had to let him cry “controlled” method twice….which was not as scary as I originally thought! Kelly was a great help, I’d recommend her any day.

    – April
  • Would highly recommend Kelly. The support and tailored help Kelly provided with our 10 month old daughter was practical and easy to implement. I went from getting up every two hours at night to her sleeping through the night within a week. The regular follow up phone calls really helped you keep on track and make adjustments if necessary – particularly on daycare days. Thanks to Kelly’s help my daughter is not the only one who has caught up on her sleep debt!

    – Clare
  • I cannot thank Kelly Martin enough for all her help. I was at my wits end with a 6 month old who woke almost hourly overnight and catnapped during the day. After a home visit and following her program strictly, my son was only waking once overnight from the first night! Two weeks later, he now sleeps through and has a 2 hour lunch nap. She has really helped me regain my sanity. Thank you.

    – Katherine
  • We contacted Kelly (SA) after a month and a half of our 7 month old constantly waking every 45mins at night time and not going back to sleep without nursing or being patted back to sleep. After a couple of days of the sleep assessment and persistence we noticed the difference immediately. Almost 4 weeks in our little one is sleeping pretty much through the night. 630/7pm till 7am with only one wake up usually for a feed but thats getting less and less now. We are sooooooo happy that we contacted Kelly. We are so happy to have our sanity back. Thank you so much xx

    – Alison
  • Don’t know where to start to convey how much Kelly changed our lives.
    Lincoln aged 6 months was a serial cat napper and waking hourly overnight. Now he has 3 naps (which if we are home are all in the cot) and sleeps 7-7 overnight with 0-1 feeds overnight. He has also lost the dummy and truly self settles to sleep. We achieved this with Kelly’s holistic approach and the support she gave us in the week following the 2hour visit.I couldn’t recommend her highly enough and will be contacting her again if I ever have sleep issues (also a second child looks more appealing now after meeting Kelly

    – Narelle
  • We contacted Kelly even though our little one wasn’t hard to get to sleep, he just liked to party all night and catnap all day. It was driving the whole family nuts as it isn’t possible for mum, dad and the other kids to sleep during the day. We straight away received some practical tips which cut the catnapping during the day and improved his sleep at night. I appreciated that I wasn’t told to go on some kind of ‘cry it out’ routine as I didn’t want to do that, all the ideas were very gentle and my bub took to them well. I wish this support was available to every parent.

    – Kirsty
  • I contacted Kelly after I was having trouble with my 15mo daughter fighting being rocked to sleep. I wasn’t sure how to make the transition with getting her to fall asleep on her own. She was also waking frequently (up to every hour) overnight. We had a phone consultation with Kelly and she understood our need for gentle sleep training and after two weeks of her gradual withdrawal method, she started sleeping through. Day naps have gone from a 30-60mins nap to 2-3hrs. I’m feeling so much better about naps and bed time, knowing that I have some time to myself with out a fight to get there. I highly recommend contacting Kelly if you need help with gentle tactics. She also kept in touch over the two weeks so I didn’t feel like I was on my own while making changes. I am so thankful for all her help now we are all getting some decent sleep.

    – Hannah
  • I worked with Kelly on a phone consult- I had tried sleep training on my own with limited success, and lots of guilt, self-doubt and tears. I found Kelly easy to talk to, personable, understanding, knowledgeable and non-judgemental. She made the sleep training experience very manageable! She took away the guilt and doubt. My little one had recently started daycare, was struggling with separation anxiety, was teething, had a bout of illness (as they often do when they start in care) and yet within 3 nights, there were no tears at bedtime, and we were down to one night waking! A few weeks later, and she is night weaned, and sleeping 7-7 most nights! If a lack of sleep dominates your life, I recommend contacting Kelly for some help- the money is nothing compared to having a happy, well-rested family!

    – Claire
  • I’m so glad we booked in Kelly for a consultation, and like other’s have written I wish we did it sooner. I had hesitation because I wasn’t sure if a consultant would listen and work WITH us and allow a personal approach, but Kelly was easy to talk to and there to support us afterwards. The follow up phone calls allowed discussion about what was or wasn’t working and make adjustments accordingly. The first technique we tried wasn’t right for our 9 month old or us, so we were able to try another approach the next night. We suffered the 4 month sleep regression for 3 months before I found a coffee and chat group by Kelly where I got good tips and improved her sleep for a few weeks. Then our daughter hit the 8 month sleep regression so I decided to book Kelly for a visit, and she went from screaming loudly at nap times, waking frequently and skipping naps, to consistently sleeping through the night without needing us at all / just one quick feed sometimes, within 2 weeks, and we are so happy with that. I thought she was never going to sleep through at this point, and I was so drained it was hard to be happy and cope each day. Thank you Kelly.

    – Jade
  • Kelly has been absolutely amazing at helping us to readjust our routine to enable our son to sleep better both day and night. Whilst he already had somewhat of a good routine, Kelly assisted us in refining his nap times and feeding routine which has put us back on track to having a happy little guy.  This has also given us greater flexibility in our day due to its predictability. Kelly gave us a plan to decrease and eventually drop his dream feed – something I was quite anxious about. We cannot thank Kelly enough for her commitment to helping our family sleep better, complemented by her amazing knowledge in baby sleep! Thank you

    – Tess
  • As our baby had slept brilliantly at night for the first 7 months of her life, it came as a rude shock when she began waking 2 hourly and could not be settled back to sleep. Compounding this, a lack of daytime naps meant my husband and I quickly became exhausted. Initially we were reluctant to try a sleep consultant (having been put off by the thought of controlled crying and books like Save our Sleep), however, desperation set in and following a recommendation from another happy mum, I reached out to Kelly. Kelly’s suggested plan was straightforward and firm in its approach, but we quickly discussed ways to make it work for us, so that we felt comfortable in implementing and continuing the routine. At no time did I ever feel alone or uncomfortable in the methods used to teach our child to sleep. Two weeks in, she is now starting to sleep all through the night, and we have established a daytime routine (which includes a long, consolidated lunch time nap). As you’d expect, the whole family is more rested and our baby is noticeably calmer and happier for having more sleep. Thank you Kelly!

    – Vanessa
  • Can’t thank Kelly enough for doing her job so well! I didn’t think it would be possible to have a full night’s sleep with a 7month old but ever since we’ve followed her advice it’s been great. Very knowledgeable, patient and so encouraging with practical advice and reasons why bubs was doing what she was. Also made me feel good to know she’s got three of her own and has been through it. Best money I’ve spent, nothing quite like having your sleep back. Thanks a million Kelly.

    – Cheryl

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