Fourth Trimester Guide


Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful newborn baby!

Enjoy this time and that glorious newborn smell. Seriously, there’s nothing better than holding your nose to your newborn baby’s head and breathing in deep – it’s heavenly!

Now that you’ve got your little one home and are ready to begin the next chapter of your life, We have a little spoiler alert for you… Giving birth was the easy part! As wonderful as it is, having a newborn baby at home, it can also be a little overwhelming – especially in the first six to twelve weeks, a time commonly referred to as the “fourth trimester” when you and your little one are getting to know each other in the big outside world.

  • Based on science and proven results, this guide covers all the foundations that will help you get through the first 12 weeks of a having a newborn.
  • Designed especially from birth to 12 weeks with information on what you need to establish gentle and healthy sleep foundations.
  • Includes Feeding, Sleeping, Swaddling and Awake Times, so you know how to help your little one eat, sleep, nap and play, as a baby who is well-rested, will be happier in awake times, have a regulated appetite and be easier to settle for naps and overnight.

Fourth Trimester Guide

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