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Develop healthy and holistic sleep foundations.

Our role is to support you as an individual family with evidence-based and gentle settling techniques. This will help form positive sleeping patterns that allow your family quality sleep in the early years.

1 hour phone consultation with one of our experienced sleep consultants

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2-week Comprehensive Sleep Support with advice and supportive feedback.

Designed for expectant parents and parents of newborns 

For clients who have previously purchased our Kickstart or Comprehensive packages


Kickstart Healthy Sleep Package



  • Pre-assessment questionnaire
  • 48-hour sleep log
  • Supporting E-guide and Nap Routine Guidance
  • 1 x Bonus email support to check in within 2 weeks to troubleshoot

When it comes to baby sleep, it never stays the same for long, but it’s never too early or too late to kickstart healthy sleep foundations. 

A 45 minute phone consultation with one of our experienced sleep consultants will equip you with essential sleep knowledge as we listen, troubleshoot and support you with your baby’s sleep needs. You’ll come away prepared to implement healthy sleep changes at your own pace using our comprehensive E-guide as your go-to reference.

This package is suitable for families confident with implementing changes independently. Additional single calls are available for future support.

Comprehensive Support Package

INVESTMENT: $349 including 2 weeks text support
Suitable from 4+ months


  • Pre-assessment questionnaire 
  • Personalised sleep assessment 
  • Supporting E-guide and Nap Routine Guidance
  • Daily sleep log and text support Monday to Friday (2 weeks)
  • 3 months access to our online course Baby Sleep Foundations & our members Facebook group.
  • 1x Wrap up call 
  • Bonus email support to check in within 3 months to troubleshoot

A baby’s sleep patterns can often add an additional layer of complexity and stress for both parent and baby in the early years. It doesn’t have to be this way. 

With our 2 week Comprehensive Sleep Support Package, you receive detailed, ongoing advice and supportive feedback. We journey with you through the implementation of sleep changes that will positively impact the whole family and assist in your baby’s development of long-term healthy sleep foundations.


Newborn Support Package

INVESTMENT: $149 - Single call
Suitable for Antenatal to 3 months


  • Pre-assessment questionnaire
  • 48 hour sleep log
  • Fourth Trimester E-Guide 
  • Email support to check in within 3 months

It’s never too early to equip yourself with baby sleep know-how. Designed for expectant parents and parents of newborns navigating the Fourth Trimester (0 to 3 months), the Newborn Sleep Support Package offers gentle guidance to help you gradually develop healthy sleep foundations. 

Note: This is not a formal sleep coaching package. We recommend sleep coaching if needed from 4 months +.

Additional Support Calls

Single call: 20- 30 minutes
Suitable for Clients who’ve previously purchased Kickstart Health Sleep Package or our Comprehensive Support Package
Investment: $99-single call


  • Pre-assessment questionnaire
  • 48-hour sleep log

Your baby’s sleep needs are ever changing which is why we offer follow up support calls. During your phone consultation you can ask questions and troubleshoot any new sleep concerns. These Additional Support Calls are designed to provide peace of mind and ongoing assistance as you navigate sleep changes and phases throughout the early years.

Additional Support calls are not suitable for subsequent children.



Kelly is truly life-saver!!! We can’t thanks enough for all of her knowledgeable support, guiding, company along the sleep training process for my 5 months old baby. We have never had a 6-7 hours long night sleep since she was born, until we met Kelly.

Phuong Anh Dao Thi

We worked with Steph from Kelly Martin Sleep Consultancy. She helped us implement a few changes that created a hugely different life for us. Our little boy is so much happier with all the sleep he is getting and so am I! We are also armed with strategies to help when things don't go to plan. Big thank you to Steph!

Haley Hunter

Kelly was so easy to talk to and explain our concerns and sleep goals with no judgment whatsoever. With Kelly’s guidance we had our little girl sleeping 7-7 overnight with no wakes from the second night of working with Kelly.

Leah Watkins

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