Twin baby sleep solutions. Five tried and tested tips from a twin mum. Helping set you up for twin baby sleep success.


Parents of twins need all the sleep they can get. As you navigate your busy life with multiples, these 5 tips will help you not just survive but thrive as well as making twin baby sleep feel possible.

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    There’s nothing quite like receiving the news you’re expecting twins (or multiples). For me it was the most surreal moment in my life. A mixture of excitement and pure terror washed over me.

    How would we afford it? How will all the car seats fit in the car with my toddler as well? We’ll need to move! Oh, and then it hits – will I ever sleep again? How will I settle two babies at once?

    As we all know, when we give birth to multiples, we don’t suddenly grow extra hands to help out (we’re outnumbered on every front) so navigating sleep and settling with more than one baby at a time can feel overwhelming and daunting, especially for an already sleep deprived mum.

    I’m sharing 5 simple tips to make adjusting to this beautiful adventure as a twin mum a little bit easier.

    5 Sleep Tips For Twin Babies:

    Keep twin babies on the same routine

    This is especially true for newborn twins and consists of feeding and putting them down to sleep at the same time. For example, if one wakes for a feed, wake the other so you can feed them both together. This will save being woken again in another 30-60 minutes.

    Twin parents need to work smarter not harder so having your babies on the same routine makes life much easier. Doing everything once instead of twice is a way to streamline your busy days and nights (Note- feeding may be a bit staggered depending on how you choose to feed). Once fed you can then pop both babies down for a nap at the same time.

    Invest in a Twinz pillow

    Whether you’re breastfeeding, bottle feeding, doing tummy time or just need somewhere to safely pop your babies down whilst you race to the toilet, the Twinz pillow will be the best investment you make! If you can’t get your hands on a Twinz pillow, having two swings or bouncers will also be very helpful when you just need some extra hands.

    Offer a dummy

    In the early weeks and months dummies can be a lifesaver. Allow yourself not to get caught up in the worry about the future process of saying bye to the dummy (I promise you can remove it when they’re a bit bigger) We even have a blog to help you say goodbye to the dummy when the time is right. Find it here. Instead of stressing about the dummy, focus on how dummies can help your baby. When you only have two hands to comfort one bub at a time, a dummy for the other baby can be just the comfort they need.

    Expert Insight: Dummies trigger the calming reflex for babies so don’t feel guilty for using them. Remember, they’re only a problem if they’re a problem for you.

    Baby Sleep Foundations

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    Keep It simple

    Set your twins up for sleep success early by implementing a simple routine from the get go. If the mention of the word ‘routine’ makes you want to run, we’re not talking strict routines but simply following age appropriate awake times, creating a sleep environment that is conducive to sleep (dark room, white noise, swaddle/sleeping bag) and following an Eat/Play/Sleep routine.  Download our Free Top 5 sleep tips for success here

    As you create a routine that works for you and your babies, you’ll find yourself on the right track to creating some beautiful sleep hygiene as they grow. For more detailed information on sleep routines read the blog on baby nap routine tips and guidance

    Reach out to your village

    Don’t have the extended family support you need at this time? Your village doesn’t have to be made up of family members. It can come in many forms.

    Your village might look like:

    • Your partner
    • A close friend
    • Hiring a cook or a cleaner (if in the position to do so)
    • Hiring a sleep consultant if you think it would be beneficial to your family
    • Linking in with your local Australian Multiple Birth Association (AMBA)
    • Finding other multiple mums who “get it”
    • Chatting to your local GP if you’re struggling with your mental health (the rates of PND/PNA are higher in parents with multiples).

    Whatever you do, don’t be afraid to ask for help. As a twin mum we must become willing to ask for help (however that might look for you) and be equally willing to accept help when offered.

    When gifted the role of parenting multiples there’s no doubt you’ll face different challenges to those of singletons but be kind to yourself and never forget you are not alone and it will get easier, even if it doesn’t feel like it just yet!

    Interested in sleep routines? Download the Infant and Child Sleep Routine Guide covering naps from 6 weeks to 4 years. With over 35 pages, each age and stage is broken down not only into awake times, but also provides total day sleep requirements and detailed explanations of two different routines for each age group. Download the Infant and Child Sleep Routine here

    The phrase ‘4 month sleep regression’ can make mums want to lay down and rock themselves in the foetal position but it doesn’t have to be this way. Sleep regressions can be a minor blip on the baby sleep journey when you know what they are, how they can impact sleep and what you can do to promote healthy sleep habits. Read our blog on the 4 Month Sleep Regression to put your mumma mind at ease.


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